About Us

RizeCRM is an exclusive customer relationship management product of Nevpro Business solutions. At Nevpro, we are constantly connecting people and technology to deliver astonishing user experience and supporting businesses from various fields by providing best customised CRM software solutions.

Being into software development since long, we came across many clients and analyzed their reviews on CRM implementation for business. We found there is lag between business demands and CRM software compatibility.

Most of the CRM software solutions available in market are general CRM softwares which might be customizable but they do not provide satisfactory Customer management solutions according to demands of vast variety of businesses in market.

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Rize CRM is an efficient manager for generating leads of potential business clientele using set of methodologies, systems, and practices makes it easier to understand customer base.


Rize CRM is a well-organized and systematically planned endeavor, defined with beginning and ending to accomplish a successful project that is achieved by smart work management.


RizeCRM provides range of internal, external and centralized multiple operator communication management system to facilitate easy hassle-free communication which is an integral part of every business.


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