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The automotive industry is dynamic. One can be totally mind-blown with the kind of innovations comes up in the automotive sector within a short span. Since the industry is vast, entrepreneurs investing in a dealership of automobiles are growing at a fast pace. The level of competition is touching heights and there is a constant need to be in front of customers to keep them updated. Managing an auto dealership business comes with various tasks and challenges. Customer management is one of the important aspects of efficient dealership management.

Lead Management

Auto Dealer software helps in generation of good leads which are not only good in excel sheet, but are really productive in increasing business client base.

Inventory Management

This software helps in maintaining company stock and quantity as per the need and gives an indication of ordering a new car stock in desired category, automatically.

Sales Tracking

Auto Dealer software works as your sales assistant which constantly updates tasks, schedules appointments, does easy analytics (quotation management), tracks status of leads and customize tracking.

SIP Integration

SIP allows signaling on time communication with client/dealers using their computers and mobile devices over the internet giving rich, error free, clear communication experience.

Customer Tracking

Customers are priceless asset of a business. CRM Auto Dealer Software tracks products on the basis of purchase, dates of purchase, prices and customer feedback.

Photo Gallery Support

Auto Dealer Software enables you to customize photos gallery of all variety of cars/products available. This helps in making presentations simple for customer engagement

Efficiency Information Management

Auto dealer software contains systematic information about clients, sales, stocks etc. The retrieval and updating this data are easier as compared to paper-based methods


With RizeCRM, process of customer engagement becomes transparent for employees of various department which facilitates smooth functioning across organisation

Easy Customer Feedback

RizeCRM offer great tools to collect feedback from customers & people visiting your website, social media pages & review sites.

User Friendly

Auto Dealer software is designed to ensure easy accessibility to employees with its easy to use interface.

Efficient Communication

The software is designed to ease out the communication process between various departments and avoids errors in information processing.

Serves Large Customer Base

RizeCRM Auto dealer software is designed to manage huge customer base by timely updating them with offers, discounts, scheduling appointment, timely service reminders etc. It helps in building customer loyalty.